Welcome The Entry Of VR In Cannes Film Festival 2017

The Cannes Film Festival 2017 will host Virtual Reality films for the first time. VR has been revealed in 2017 Cannes Fest due to the Mexican film-maker Alejandro G. Iñárritu, who has been awarded as a Best Film Director, and the Mexican cinematographist Emmanuel Lubezki. During the Fest they will represent their VR short-film dubbed as “Carne y Arena”, which is translated as “Meat & Sand”.

The VR short-movie helps to learn the struggles of mexican refugees and migrants. They got the idea of creating the film four years ago, aiming to make people recognize the risks that immigrants take when searching a safer and better life. When creating the film, the two friends has used the topmost VR-technology, to offer their viewers an enormous virtual area with human characters.

The experimental film are funding the Legendary Entertainment and Prada. The film will also be displayed at Prada, and then at Country Art Museum of Los Angeles.

This is Iñárritu’s first virtual project. When speaking about VR, the film-maker has mentioned, that VR has a big mistake, it has been accepted as a cinema extension and promoting tool, but VR itself is an art. According to film-maker, VR has been underestimated.

The Cannes Film Fest will be held 17-28 of May, in Cannes, France. During the event there will be exhibited 49 films, a number of which will be presented by Netflix and Amazon. The head of Jury is Pedro Almodovar, a Spanish film-creator, who will hold the ceremonies in a company with Monica Bellucci.

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