Watch World Cup 2018 Through VR

Telemundo, a well-known television network, published on NBCUniversal website that they will broadcast World Cup 2017-2018 through VR. Cesar Conde, who serves as a Chairman at NBCUniversal, reported in his speech that for Hispanic people the game soccer a faith and the World Cup is considered to be their Cathedral.

2018 World Cup VR app, which will be held in Russia, will give the users a chance to select the game from a virtual VIP line giving a sense of presence to the match.

Telemundo comes with a VR application that allows to choose one of the live matches and enjoy it. Users can follow the match through various VR headsets. The company’s new program includes approximately 850 hours content to watch among which are projects such as “El Secreto de Selena,” a story that is connected with the death of Selena Quintanilla who was an Mexican-American singer, “The Riveras” a reality show about the family of Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera and “The Walking Dead en Español” which is a movie based on comics that shows life after a zombie apocalypse.

Luis Silberwasser, who is the head of Telemundo told that they produce 85% of programs of their own and they still remain focused on building content for American Hispanic marketplace. Telemundo is working on such bilingual projects like “Love Clicks 24/7,” in collaboration with BuzzFeed media company in New York.

Conde reported that Latinos are growing and they have a great impact on today’s economy and culture and Telemundo has developed with them by suggesting high-quality programs for various spheres. The business gives advertisers the chance to connect high-quality storytelling with their consumers to help them grow their businesses reported Laura Molen in her speech who VP at NBCUniversal.

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