VR Creation Comes To Hollywood With Uncorporeal and Radiant Images

Uncorporeal Systems, a maker of virtual and augmented reality software, and Radiant Images, a digital cinema innovator and rental house, have partnered to enable Hollywood companies to create VR and AR experiences.

Radiant Images will provide studio services and production support that’s paired with Uncorporeal’s cloud software. The partnership will initially focus on deploying Uncorporeal’s TruVu volumetric capture software to meet demand from the entertainment industry and leading businesses.

Uncorporeal says its tech can save months of post production, animation, and stitching time for digital artists. With the company’s VR tools, humans can become super-realistic holograms that designers can place in any environment — from animated to game to real-world settings — within AR/VR.

“With more and more clients asking us how to incorporate the highest level of immersion and realism into their VR productions, it’s clear that the future of VR is volumetric,” said Michael Mansouri, cofounder of Radiant Images, in a statement. “After carefully evaluating all of the companies in the field, we determined that Uncorporeal’s TruVu software is the only solution that can meet our clients’ needs in terms of quality, portability, and flexibility. Uncorporeal is an ideal partner to continue pushing the technological boundaries of filmmaking, and we’re already seeing strong interest from production studios, as well as the medical and gaming industries.”

Today’s VR and AR software typically requires massive computing power and an information technology team on site. Rendering software has to integrate visuals from dozens of cameras. It’s a complex process that often results in a virtual world that looks uncanny and unnatural.

Built on breakthrough computer vision technology, Uncorporeal’s cloud solutions create VR and AR experiences that feel just like the real world. Uncorporeal’s TruVu volumetric capture software can be used with any camera rig.

“Radiant Images has played a pivotal role in accelerating some of the most exciting advances in entertainment technology, including inventing new cameras for smash hits like the Transformers and the Fast and the Furious series,” said Kul Wadhwa, Uncorporeal CEO, in a statement. “Their award-winning team is an invaluable asset to provide studio services that help content creators get up and running with Uncorporeal’s technology fast. Together, we’re providing a valuable package to spark a new era of VR and AR experiences in Hollywood and beyond.”

Uncorporeal has 10 employees and Radiant has 38.

This post by Dean Takahashi originally appeared on VentureBeat.

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