UK Games Market Is Valuable due to VR and Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go application hit the market when released back in 2016 providing billion dollars profit. According to Ukie, which is a popular business oriented game platform based in the UK, Pokemon Go success along with the launch of VR platform considers being the key factor for value growth.

The gaming business of UK has increased to £4.33 billion during 2016 and VR helmets produced by HTC Vive, Oculus and Sony provided £61 million income to the market reported Ukie. Dr. Jo Twist, she is Chief Executive Officer at UKIE said that they are investing in new technologies and talented people.She reviewed 2016 as a successful year for commercial VR helmets, a great year for national sports and UK’s mobile phone increased to £1 billion.

Pokemon Go AR application, where the user should catch a Pokemon in the real world, has been the most downloaded application in the market after its first launch. People downloaded Pokemon Go in the UK six million times. Pokemon Go along with popular game Minecraft helped merchandise trade grew 7% to £66.8 million in 2016.

Dr. Twist added that taking into account above mentioned statistics UK will continue to be one of the preeminent gaming markets in the world. The firm told that Ukie will promote the industry utilizing their statistics to bring more investors, content creators and to build cutting-edge games in the UK. They want to confirm that UK is the most appropriate country to build games, as several famous games such as GTA has been produced in the UK.

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