The VR Fund releases AR and VR landscapes researches

On 13th of December the Venture Reality Fund, mostly known as VR Fund, has presented its studies of Augmented Reality landscape. The latter represents a great number of communities which are involved in cultivating platforms, infrastructure, apps and devices for the fast-developing AR world.

The research involves Virtual Reality field as well, as the fund introduces its exploration of VR industry landscape for the Q4 of 2016. The landscape of researches makes good -lookin all rival communities. It gives an amazing opportunity to classify the competition.

The VR Fund is a venture capital organization, which is fascinated by contributions in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality sectors. The firm looks for creative companies in mentioned spaces.

The organizer of the Venture Reality Fund Marco DeMiroz, cooperating with Tipatat Chennavasin, who is the creative director of the River VR, has constructed this landscapes. Marco DeMiroz offers VR, AR and MR spaces to numerous companies.

In order to promote the rapid progress of VR production, the Venture Reality fund has accompanied with VRVCA (Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance). They find, share and obtain not only the most creative and contemporary VR and AR technologies, but also the companies that have a great effect in these areas.

There have been investigations of results after more than 1,500 meetings with numerous companies.

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