PokeScout Mapped Out Every Single ‘Pokemon GO’ Gym On The Planet

If you are planning a trip for the holidays, you now have a resource to find gyms in Pokemon Go before you arrive at your destination.

PokeScout, an interactive map website for tracking the location and status of gyms in Pokemon Go, has finally added every single gym in the hit mobile game. Using this tool, Pokemon Trainers can now see whether their team or one of the two opposing squads owns these control points before traveling to them. If you want to battle, you don’t have to waste time walking across town to see if Valor runs that key gym or if your fellow Mystic players have successfully defended it. That is crucial information that will help players who are trying to maximize the returns they get from putting time into Pokemon Go.

On top of this granular data, PokeScout also provides new information for most of the major cities in the United States. For example, I can see that in Denver, Mystic owns 48 percent of the city’s gyms and Valor owns 40 percent. My lowly Instinct team only has 12 percent because we are incompetent doofuses.

PokeScout has this information for cities like Dallas, Boston, and Las Vegas. You can look to see who is winning your city or territory in the United States by checking this list here. I’m gonna use this info to decide where to move to next. It looks like Instinct is actually beating Mystic in Washington, D.C., so I should try to see what it’s like to live among capable Instinct players.

This post by Jeff Grubb originally appeared on VentureBeat.

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