Oculus Rift Face Pad Giveaway from VRstatus

Bionik which is a gaming accessories manufacturing company has created a VR Face Pad for Oculus headset. This is a replacement Pad designed specially for Rift.

By the claims of the company the gadget is very soft and hypoallergenic. The pad costs $20 US and it will make the headset very comfortable. The VR face pad is just maid for households with multiple players.

It will easily replace the old and dirty pads of the VR headset and users will no longer feel discomfort when playing their favourite games. The beautiful orange color is going to give the headset more creative look.

VRstatus has a giveaway along USA, to participate the Rift owners need to follow VRstatus account (@VR_status) , like or share the photo of the device that we have posted on our social accounts with the hashtag #VRstatusgiveaway or simply mention a friend in the comments section. After that our team will choose 5 people and send them the Bionik VR Face Pad.The iveaway will last 10 days starting from today.

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