Nickelodeon Works On VR Entertainment Lab For Kids

Nickelodeon, an American based television company, has been involved in VR technology by launching its Entertainment Lab. The Lab is going to produce different prototypes that experiment a huge range of ideas this will take more time as the VR experiments are going to be for children.

Nickelodeon’s new Lab aims to build various experiences by using cutting edge technologies such as Augmented, Virtual and Mixed realities. The television company has some experience with building some VR prototypes previously. The Lab is being led by Chris Young who reported during his speech that they want to move forward slowly in order to see what can be a long-term effect. He added that the work they are doing might be an evolutionary and it is the right time to share and discuss the things they are working on.

Source: Ricky Brigante

The Lab, which will be settled in California, does not share any additional information about the upcoming projects. Also, the company is going to partner with different business in this sphere. Those who eager to see what emerging ideas will come out have to wait for the lab’s first experience.

Loud House, is considered to be one of the projects that Lab is working on. Slime Zone, is a multi-stage social VR platform that allows people watch cartoons, play games and perform different activities in VR. At this moment four people are working at the Burbank-based studio and it is expected that the team will grow.

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