Microsoft expands HoloLens agency program in Europe

Microsoft has made a proclamation about its Hololens Agency program’s expansion to Europe, after a year it has been firstly extended in North America and Canada. Six European companies have joined to the Hololens Program, in order to originate MR apps.

The Hololens Program, unpacked by Microsoft, empowers Hololens consumers to set up Mixed-Reality apps, interconnecting them with high-tech specialists. What about Hololens, it’s a MR eyewear supplied with high-clarity lenses and space sound tech, that enables to examine environment through 3-D holograms.

The company has accepted six companies from Europe as colleagues, involving FundamentalVR, Black. Marble and Rewind from UK, Immersion and Halo Forge from France, as well as Zuhlke innovative organization from Germany. So the total of partners becomes 16, including the US and Canadian ones.