Meet The World’s First Sleep VR Headset

The Sana Health Ltd, which is a UK-based startup, is on the way to launch the first sleep VR mask in the world. The eyewears, named as Sana Sleep, are created to help people who have insomnia or sleeping problems. The sleep-device gives people a chance to fall asleep in 10 min and be completely relaxed.

The VR wearer is designed, that anyone will be able to fall asleep almost everywhere. With the special technique in the device, the VR wearer stimulates sounds and lights. Through these sound-light stimulators, Sana Sleep controls users’ brain, deeply putting them into the cycles of natural sleep.

Richard Hanbury

With the HRV sensors on the forehead, the eyewear can control the vacillations of users’ nervous system. In addition, the audio-visual stimulators completely prevent the light.

The firm’s founder Richard Hanbury, has come to the idea of creating such device after his car accident in Yemen, when he was 19 years-old. So he began developing this health technology to overcome his sleep issues and chronic pain, that he got after the accident.

According to the announcement of the firm’s founder Richard Hanbury, the sleep goggles will be ready to purchase in the mid-2017. The device will be priced at $400, as has mentioned Hanbury.

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