Meet The VR Banking App By BNP Paribas (Video)

The BNP Paribas, the leading company of banking-services, spread to more than 75 countries, is pleased to announce a new VR banking-app. The new VR-based platforms will enable bank consumers to make their banking transactions via Virtual Reality, such as a number of banking transfers, the needed steps to acquire a real estate, etc.

All the tools of BNP Group will be represented during the VivaTech Fair event, which will take place in Paris, from 15-17 of June. The Viva Technology is focused on promoting startups, along with tech leaders to introduce their business solutions.

The Director of BNP Paribas in Paris, Bertrand Cizeau, has underlined that VR and AR progressively become an integral part of their bank clients’ lives, so they are immensely absorbed in VR/AR technologies.

The Group has also cooperated with Vectuel VR startup in French and RF Studio, to develop a “teleportation” app, dubbed as POD. The POD has been created for real estate customers, porting them virtually inside their new home or apartment. With the app, buyers can see the building through 360-video or 3D.

Real Estate tool

In addition, the BNP Group has developed another VR tool, called Mobile Protect-VR. The BNP has created this tool, aiming to become customers to be more informed about the advantages of mobile device insuring.

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