Released Its InMind 2 VR Game, which is a VR game developer company, produced its InMind2 adventure VR game for major VR headsets like Gear VR, Daydream including Vive and Rift helmets. InMind2 has been developed for both educational and adventurous purposes. The game emphasizes the fact how people make up their mind. And in fact a brain manages to make decisions before person can realize that.

The VR game is entirely motivated by «Inside Out» film created by Pixar and it focuses on the chemistry behind person’s emotions. The game shows how a teenager overcomes their thoughts and anxiety by making life changing choices. Players investigate how due to neuro mediators the character named John have different emotions and see how one little molecule can alter person’s future.

The game already has 100 000 active installations on play stores. The company tries to provide engaging and attractive VR experience to players.

Oleg Chumakov who is the CEO of reported in his speech that they are happy to deliver such game that satisfies players curiosity meanwhile providing fun. produced two games which were called InMind and InCell having approximately 3 millions active installations. still continues to find new paths of exploring VR/AR technologies in order to deliver a high-quality and immersive experience.

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