HP Gaming Laptop Creates New VR Experience

The OMEN, a gaming notebooks lineup created by HP, already launched on 6th of June. HP mentioned the point that they built a device which is “re-designed and also re-implemented” for consumers.

This brand new device works with both PC and laptop which brings more impressive gaming activity. Kevin Frost, VP at HP reported in the official press release that the new series of Omen which provides top-notch functionality as well as nice design will give e-sports members the most immersive gameplay.

The OMEN X Desktop is compatible with VR helmet which means that players can enjoy having a high-quality VR experience as Omen X delivers a performance of moving freely during a gameplay. HP provides the users 4 batteries which mean that players can use two accumulators and recharge the other ones. This option helps to prevent the batteries from heating and transferring it to user’s body.


What comes from the hardware section Omen X is compatible with Intel Core i7 CPU also NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card has Bluetooth and WiFi options. This device is going to be available during Summer of 2017 and the price is starting from $2,499.

The price for the Omen accessories which includes headphones, keyboard, a mouse is revealed which are already accessible for purchase from HP website. Those who want to have immersive VR adventures can buy Omen VR backpack accessory costing $600.

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