Hollywood Studio DMG Goes Into VR

DMG – one of the major entertainment firms with record-setting Iron Man 3 is involving in VR industry. Dan Mintz, who established a California-based business, represented DMG VR which will create mixed reality entertaining stories for public.

The very first project for DMG VR is Arcturus which proposes grow interactive stories along with next-gen technologies for all kind of platforms. Mintz said that VR technologies provide full opportunities to build inventive stories. He added that their team is cooperating with various leading businesses to bring innovative VR content to the public.

Image Credit:DMG

What comes for the Arcturus the project is running by industry leaders. Ewan Johnson, who former employee at Pixar, Devin Horsman who is a VR technology whizz and Andy Stack have joined the team as Content Executive who previously headed VR Tech at YouTube.

Mintz announced that they work to grow VR storytelling to bring it to a completely new level. As stated by Dan Mintz, DMG VR will try to find investment by collaborating with uppermost businesses to get success all over the world.

Andy Stack expressed his excitement over joining DMG VR and added that DMG overall success will promote to develop interactive VR stories. The newly created studio will enable new frontiers and boundaries for VR storytelling.

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