G2A is already VR Developer

On 19th of December, G2A, which is one of the fastest growing digital gaming marketplace, made know about the new VR game of its own. The new entertainment, which is organizing the G2A team, is named Blunt Force.

The game is a shooter placed within World War II. But at the same time its story, which occurs in a war time, coincides with peacetime story of the WW2. The game, which is provided with fixed-point translocation, includes two mixed different genres within VR.

Blunt Force brags a plotline, which is developed in cooperation with Mark Bristol, who is a storyboard artist and has worked on more than sixty films, including Mission, Spike Jonze, Christopher Nolan, etc.

The pre war timetable has prepared no shooting for players, which can research the world searching for mysteries. When playing during the war, players will have a lucky chance to shoot a number of Nazis.

G2A is also unveiling a service to 3D print figurines, and now numbers over 700 employees.


Though this is the first G2A’s game, it isn’t their first step into VR world. The gaming marketplace also unveils G2A Land, which represents a VR amusement park, that is already two years in progress.

The G2A’s Blunt Force will be shown to the public in details in early 2017.

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