Charm Games Launches Its FORM On HTC Vive

The Canada-based VR company Charm, which is one of the world’s advanced VR game developers, brings its FORM to the HTC Vive on 1st of June. It will be priced at $19.99, but according to the company’s announcement, the game will have a discount of $14.99 for a week after being launched on HTC, June 1-8. Charm has also made know that FORM will be available for Oculus and PS VR at the beginning of 2018.

FORM is a VR puzzle-game, where gamers play as the astrophysicist Dr. Devin Eli, facing a number of tricky puzzles, which are built from Devin’s memories. Being virtually at an Alaskan facility, with their controllers and eyewears on, players have to resolve the puzzles, revealing the secrets of the artifact, dubbed as Obelisk.

Form VR game photo

The Charm’s Co-Founder Alan Jernigan has mentioned in a statement that the FORM explores reality in fantastic and unreal environments. He has also noticed that users can play without time and death restrictions, investigating the dreamlike surroundings at their own place.

Form VR game photo

It is worth to note that these puzzles are dream constructed, built from Dr. Devin’s memories. In the game, players gather the pieces of puzzle and open unlocked doors. The deeper players advance through the game, the more difficult become puzzles and surroundings. If users solve the mysteries, they will pass to higher levels.

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