Bonobo Launches VR Music App

The British DJ and musician Simon Green, well knowns as Bonobo, has teamed up with Horizons Studio, to create a new VR app. He has brought his Migration album’s “Outliers” track into the new VR app, dubbed as Horizons.

The Horizons is a sequence of synergistic music-journeys under the Bonobo’s music. The app runs with Google’s Daydream controllers, with which Bonobo’s fans will have a freedom to completely immerse in the music and control manage the world within the video clip.

As the UK-based creative studio Horizons founder Yuli Levtov has noticed in a statement, the app’s main principle is that all landscapes will be in interplay with the music. Ha has also added that the app enables people to create and design their path themselves via the track.

Within the app the music becomes interactive, which scenes come out in real time, enabling users to interact with them. Through Daydream handsets people can travel at extremely rapid speed over the colorful landscapes and jungles, as well as fly through various terrains, over oceans and mountains like birds.

The HorizonsVR is currently applicable and can be downloaded at no cost from Google’s Play Store.

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