‘Blunt Force’ Is A New VR WW2 FPS And Exploration Game From G2A

Digital gaming marketplace G2A remains a controversial figure in the industry for selling second-hand Steam keys, but next year it will try its hand at selling something new: its own VR game.

G2A is developing Blunt Force, a new shooter that’s set both during the second world war and shortly before it. In the former, you’ll use position-tracked controllers and fixed teleportation points — a little like Epic Games’ Bullet Train — to gun down enemies across a simplified arcade mode and a more complex challenge mode, where players will find aiming harder and use weapons that require manual reloading.

Intriguingly, the portion of the game set before the war is intended to be an exploration experience. We haven’t gone hands-on with the game yet but you can see from the images above and below that the visuals seem to be shaping up very nicely.  It also looks like you won’t just be aiming and firing a gun all the time but also interacting with the environment around you, loading shells into a tank during the WW2 section and pouring yourself a hot drink in the earlier campaign.

From the sounds of it, these campaigns will run simultaneously, though G2A declined to provide more specific details such as story information at this time.


G2A did tell UploadVR that the game was currently in development for the Oculus Rift, though it wouldn’t rule out the possibility of support for other devices like the HTC Vive. The team behind the game has previously experienced working on projects like Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Enemy Front, The Witcher, and The Lords of the Fallen. It appears to be the same team behind VR amusement park, G2A Land.

Blunt Force will be released episodically starting next year. The number of episodes has not yet been determined. It certainly looks like this is one shooter fans will want to look out for in the new year.

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