I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve written about a VR wave shooter. At their core, they’re all the same. Most of them don’t let you manually move yourself around, locking you in place. Enemies attack from a multitude of angles, racking up the stress and intensity. You often have an assortment of weapons […]

Digital gaming marketplace G2A remains a controversial figure in the industry for selling second-hand Steam keys, but next year it will try its hand at selling something new: its own VR game. G2A is developing Blunt Force, a new shooter that’s set both during the second world war and shortly before it. In the former, you’ll […]

On 13th of December the Venture Reality Fund, mostly known as VR Fund, has presented its studies of Augmented Reality landscape. The latter represents a great number of communities which are involved in cultivating platforms, infrastructure, apps and devices for the fast-developing AR world. The research involves Virtual Reality field as well, as the fund […]