Serious tech observers generally agree our mixed-reality future will be amazing, and we’re not there yet. Beyond technical hurdles like frame rate and positional tracking, mixed reality presents unique challenges for the designers, artists, and storytellers who craft the narratives that give meaning to digital experiences. The challenge facing today’s developers is to recognize that […]

What happens when that creepy survivalist out in the woods turns out to be right about impending doom? That’s the story we’ll get to witness in this year’s film The Recall written and directed by Mauro Borrelli and featuring Wesley Snipes and Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte. Before we get the feature film, though, we’re going […]

The President of Nintendo Corporate Tatsumi Kimishima, has talked about Nintendo Switch in VR during the interview to Nikkei Review. The Switch will have VR features if the company can fix the issues. Kimishima has mentioned in his speech that they are investigating the virtual reality functionality for the new console. He explained that if […]

This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into advanced hearing devices that go way beyond hearing aids. Our guest is a visionary in the field of Augmented Reality, Tom Emrich from Super Ventures. Tom Emrich, a funding partner at Super Ventures, is the man bringing AR to reality through investment and community building. In Super […]

The Global WebVR Hackathon, which is an online competition, organized by Virtuleap has been a big success in the VR industry. WebVR is the grassroots road developing the VR field based on strong fundamentals like pushing an emerging technology where there’s already web traffic. Virtuleap is partnering with influential businesses like Microsoft, Mozilla, as well […]

We’ve been hands-on with a lot of wireless upgrade kits for VR headsets now, but Vive X company TPCAST’s solution for the HTC Vive remains the most promising. If you read our impressions of the kit from last year, you might remember a mention of what the group called ‘Wireless HD’ transmissions, which use a […]

Today, we’re breaking some rules. Within the short period that filmmakers have been shooting footage with 360° cameras, people have started writing the Do’s and Don’ts of the new medium. Rules that constrict the camera from movement, rules that make the experience of watching these videos, honestly quite boring. At 3 PM PST today, UploadVR will be going live with […]