Playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition using AltspaceVR was one of my first multi-hour VR experiences. It combined something that I was familiar with and brought it to new life with new capabilities using the power of virtual reality. Whereas Dungeons & Dragons in VR brings anyone from around the world to the same location […]

Vlad Kolesnikov from Microsoft team reported that Microsoft will deliver its first virtual reality helmet in March. During the CES 2017 Windows demonstrated its first Holographic VR helmet to media from 3D Glasses Lenovo and other manufacturers. Game Developers Conference (GDC) will occur from February 27 March 3, in 2017 at San Francisco. The helmet […]

Simulated sex in virtual reality is popular both in the U.S. and Japan. And one Japanese company is hoping that its adult VR game will make the leap into the West. Let’s Play With Nanai is one of those weird young girlfriend erotic simulations where you can have VR sex on the Oculus Rift or […]

Dell has a wired Windows Holographic VR headset on the way this year, but its future holds a standalone device too. That’s what Liam Quinn, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President at the company told me during CES last week. Quinn said that the company is doing a lot of internal work right now […]

If you’re a sports fan, you likely have a special relationship with referees. Typically, when it benefits your team, they’re the most incredible and qualified employees in existence. However, the second that a call is against you, you’re wondering how in the world this person got the job. If you’re an NFL fan, the last […]