Uncorporeal Systems, a maker of virtual and augmented reality software, and Radiant Images, a digital cinema innovator and rental house, have partnered to enable Hollywood companies to create VR and AR experiences. Radiant Images will provide studio services and production support that’s paired with Uncorporeal’s cloud software. The partnership will initially focus on deploying Uncorporeal’s […]

Telemundo, a well-known television network, published on NBCUniversal website that they will broadcast World Cup 2017-2018 through VR. Cesar Conde, who serves as a Chairman at NBCUniversal, reported in his speech that for Hispanic people the game soccer a faith and the World Cup is considered to be their Cathedral. 2018 World Cup VR app, […]

Microsoft owns the enterprise computing space. Windows-powered PCs run a huge portion of the global workforce. Today, the company demonstrated how its Windows Mixed Reality initiative could potentially be used in that massive market. During the keynote address of its annual Build conference, Microsoft invited members of the Cirque du Soleil team up on stage. The members […]

OrlandoiX, which is the Southeast’s largest platform, organizes an event at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida from August 17 to August 20. The event brings together professionals from VR, AR, gaming and entertainment industries. The conference is open for both consumers and content creators. OrlandoiX 2017 will begin the event on August 17 with […]