Valve confirmed to UploadVR the company has progressed to sending developers prototypes of its next generation VR hand controllers. This was to be expected but provides us with a rough sense of the advancements being pursued by the VR technology company. Recent updates from Valve, which partnered with HTC to create the Vive, provided a guide […]

Facebook’s Oculus VR platform plans to provide more than 90 California-based libraries with its product. The public libraries along with several local ones will be supported with personal computers compatible with Oculus Rift eyewears, including more than 20 VR apps. The goal of this new venture is to deeply immerse readers into the exotic spaces […]

Final Fantasy is one of those game franchises that defies logic. The whole thing started back on the original Nintendo (NES) when Squaresoft (one of the two companies that eventually combined together to become today’s Square Enix) made a “final” game as a last ditch effort to save their organization. It worked and now several […]