An official Oculus Rift 2 headset was cancelled shortly before it went into production, says Oculus founder and Rift inventor, Palmer Luckey. Luckey claimed as much in a tweet yesterday, responding to UploadVR’s report that Facebook would not be replenishing stock for the Oculus Rift S. The engineer, who departed Facebook in 2017, said he […]

Home » Microsoft to Manufacture Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) for US Army Source: US army The United States Army would like to outfit its soldiers with augmented reality headsets to improve their situational awareness, target engagement, and informed decision-making. The contract for the headsets, worth up to $21.8 billion over the course of the […]

Ubisoft recently revealed that it has added VR support to its in-house development engine, Snowdrop, and it’s possible that this is the engine being used for its new Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell VR projects. Original created by Massive Entertainment and used in the Ubisoft-published Tom Clancy’s The Division, Snowdrop also featured in Ubisoft titles […]

Home » Into the Radius Brings NVIDIA DLSS Support with the Latest Major Update Source: CM Games The Stalker-inspired VR single-player survival shooter called Into the Radius has recently received a major update that introduces, among other things, support for NVIDIA DLSS technology. Into the Radius was first released for Windows in November 2019, allowing […]

In Dungeon Full Dive you can roll dice and construct map layouts on a tabletop, then take over the body of your miniature on the battlefield in real-time. Here’s the first teaser trailer below: Dungeon Full Dive In the email we received the developer, TxK Gaming Studios, described Dungeon Full Dive as “the world’s most […]