AEXLAB is serious about its upcoming multiplayer shooter, Vail VR. While all eyes are on Onward, Population: One and the upcoming Larcenauts in the competitive VR FPS scene at the moment, this studio’s been quietly and determinedly toiling away at a PC VR contender. Like Pavlov, Vail takes after Counter-Strike with its fast-paced tactical battles […]

Team Asobi, the Tokyo-based developer that survived the reported recent restructuring of Sony’s Japan Studio, is getting a rebrand all around Astro Bot. Sony this week revealed a new logo for the developer, which is still run by Astro Bot Rescue Mission Creative Director, Nicolas Doucet. It features a colorful logo with Astro’s face. In […]

Home » Yaw2 Motion Simulator Chair Smashes $2 Million Milestone on Kickstarter Source: YawVR Early in May, we published a news story about the Yaw2 motion simulator chair making $1 million on Kickstarter in just a week. Now, the company behind has achieved another major milestone, hitting the $2 million mark with less than a […]

Echo VR’s second season kicks off on June 8. An Echo Pass launched in March offering seasonal reward tracks with in-game cosmetics for progress in one of VR’s most popular sports. The seasons are expected to last a few months before resetting, with rewards earned throughout the season offering customizations that do not offer an […]