Björk Joins The Sónar 2017 With A VR Exhibition

The famous Icelandic songwriter and singer Björk has announced that she will participating in Sónar Music Fest 2017 with her VR exhibition called “Björk Digital”. Björk’s exhibitions displays 360 VR video-musics from her new 8th album. The singer has also made know that she is readying to perform DJ tracks on Sonar Hall stage of Fira Montjuïc’s, that will last four hours.

The Sónar is a 3-day electronic festival, which consists of two parts – Sónar by Night and Sónar by Day. As the Sónar have mentioned in a statement, VR is going to be the inseparable part of the festival, uniting cinema, video, instal.lation and performance in one place.

As an indivisible part of the event, DJ will give a talk to the Sónar+D project, which has integrated Virtual Reality in its arts in 2017. The Sónar+D is a series of figured talks under the music. Performing with a talk, the singer is readying to disclose Björk’s close connections with audio-virtual world.

Björk Digital will occur at the Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona. It will start on 14th of June and will last till 24th of September in 2017.

The visitors of DJ-set should purchase specific tickets. Sonar Pass and Sonar-Pass VIP holders won’t have an access to the concert if they don’t have that additional ticket.

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