Apple’s investigations of artificial intellect is on

Many companies have been investing on the research of artificial intelligence recently. Apple is one of them though the company was keeping their research in secret. Yet, as reports claim, some information was leaked in AR blogs today.

Source claims now that Apple promises to begin publishing its AI research publicly. The first research paper has already been revealed. The most difficult problem connected to the creation of artificial intelligence, by claims of the company, has been managing the natural language of it.

The next problems which came across the company were image identification, AR apps and chat bots.The paper has been submitted in 22 of December, as claimed in mentioned sources. It explains two methods of training the AI to identify the faces in images saying that to minimize the gap between synthetic and real image distributions they use Simulated+Unsupervised (S+U) learning. The main idea of this was to investigate a model for improving the realism of a simulator’s output using unlabeled real data when preserving the annotation information from the simulator.


In October Apple hired for their researches Salakhutdinov from Carnegie Mellon University. As soon as almost every scientist doesn’t want to work in a secretive environment, Apple has bought a lot of AI startups for escaping the difficulties of hiring someone. So the company has already spent $200 million on Turi Incorporated based on Seattle.

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