Wevr launches new VR content for its Transport platform

On 15th of December the WeVR, which is an VR content network, has added an excellent subscription category to its Transport channel. The Wevr team is launching an additional app for the beginners in VR world.

The WeVR Transport is a liberated platform for fenomenal inventors and simulators. This VR network gives birth to the new cinematic content. The new tier has prepared a unique content for VR lovers, which consists of Finding Your True Self of Deepak Chopra, Waves and TheBlu Season 1 created by Reggie Watt, Tribeca Film Festival and Old Friend of Tyler Hurd.

The dancing video “Old Friend” represents a dance party filled with a bit of craziness. The experience runs with HTC Vive eyewear. Persons taking part in this activity will be on a brightly planet populated with muppets. They will have three minute for dancing on that planet with the help of Vive controllers.

Yet the new category is applicable only for Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive helmets. As the WeVR co founder Anthony Batt told, the participation to the experience will also be applicable with Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and Google Daydream.

The fee of the content will be $20 per year for HTC Vive owners. And it will cost $8 and just for mobile version for Gear VR users. As for the “Old Friend”, it will be launched on 22 of December and will be priced at 2.99$.

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