Welcome The World’s Smallest VR Goggles

The DLX Inc. in Tokyo has launched VR smartphone eyewears, which is one of the smallest VR glasses in the world. When developing the new device, dubbed as “Micro VR Kit”, the company has teamed up with WHITE Inc, which is engaged in smartphone VR glasses sales. It has also joined with DENTSU Inc, the worldwide advertising firm in Japan.

In order to create the VR glasses, companies has used the “Origami” paper folding art typical to the culture of Japan. Utilizing the “Origami” as the dev conception of the VR facility, the company enables users to decrease the device sizes so that it easily fits in their hands.

When users fasten their smartphones to the facility, the “accordion folded” part broadens, making the goggle sizes equal to the common VR glasses. The device has only 2 cm thickness. The “Micro VR Kit” includes glasses as Milbox, which has obtained the certification of WWGC (“Works With Google Cardboard”). So users have a chance to simply test VR just putting smartphones in the facility.

As the company has mentioned, it is expected that the lightly constructed “Micro VR Kit” will be exploited as a unique item by food and drink producers, or by other sales partnerships.

In comparison with other products the new VR glasses are built more compactly and lightly. They has been ideally developed for sales promotion activities using VR.

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