Welcome The First VR Wellness Portal

The RenewVR, which uses all-powerful methods to create VR apps for personal and emotional self-awareness, is pleased to announce the latest release of the first VR wellness platform in the world. The portal, dubbed as RE:NEW, covers a huge number of best wellness apps of VR platforms, giving people a lucky chance to find the best VR technologies in one place.

The RE:NEW, through the RenewVR.com, offers a huge number VR wellness apps’ categories, such as personal development, meditation, music, as well as stress relief, meteorological environments, and many other products.

The apps, that have been collected by RE:NEW within its portal, belong to the renowned VR platforms, like Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream, Cardboard, HTC, Apple iTunes, PlayStationVR, etc.

Besides providing universal VR products from all over the world, the company also comes up with a wide range of the latest articles about brand-new tech developments, events, podcasts, as well as various ideas of the VR wellness community leaders.

RE:NEW invites VR wellness apps developers to partner, enabling them to discover their apps on its platforms, gain more customers and be involved in various channels of the portal. For more details, partners can contact the company.

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