VR Game Releases For December 2018

Every month we aim to round up each and every VR game release for you in one single place — this is December’s list. Don’t worry — we’ll continue highlighting the best ones at the end of each week too.

With the door closed on November, we’ve just been through another great month of VR content. Between Echo Combat, Tetris Effect, and the incredible puzzler Transpose, there were lots of titles to look forward to last month. Now with December upon us, it’s time to take a look at what’s coming down the line next.

And if you’re a VR game developer planning to release a game soon — let us know! You can get in touch with me directly by emailing david@uploadvr.com or hit all of the editorial team by emailing tips@uploadvr.com. Please contact us about your upcoming releases so that we can know what you’re working on and include you in release lists!

Rift, Vive, and Windows VR Game Releases For December 2018

Palace of the Azure Dragon ($4.99) – December 1st – Vive
Puzzle Out VR ($5.99) – December 1st – Rift, Vive
TendyTrainer ($TBD) – December 3rd – Rift
Flying Aces – Navy Pilot Simulator  ($TBD) – December 3rd – Rift, Vive
MiniTracks ($TBD) – December 3rd – Vive, Windows VR
Arca’s Path – December 4th – Rift, Vive, Windwos VR (Read Our Preview)
Tippy Tree ($TBD) – December 4th – Rift, Vive, Windows VR
Paradise Checkers ($TBD) – December 5th – Rift
Jake and the Giant ($TBD) – December 5th – Rift
VRetired ($TBD) – December 7th – Rift, Vive
Ball Out ($TBD) – December 7th – Rift, Vive
The Spy Who Shrunk Me ($TBD) – December 18th – Non-VR Only This Year
Contractors ($TBD) – December 10th – Rift, Vive, Windows VR
Virtual Army: Revolution ($TBD, Free Demo Out Now) – December 2018 – Rift, Vive
Blade & Sorcery ($TBD) – December 2018 – Rift, Vive, Windows VR (Read Our Preview)


Mobile VR Game Releases For December 2018

Virtual Desktop for Go ($9.99) – November 30th, but too good not to include) – Oculus Go/Gear VR (Our Full Review)


PSVR Game Releases For Dovember 2018

Prison Boss ($TBD) – December 4th (Read Our PC VR Review)
Rush ($TBD) – December 4th
Arca’s Path ($TBD) – December 4th (Read Our Preview)
Red Matter ($TBD) – December 6th
Gungrave VR ($39.99) – December 11th
Borderlands 2 VR ($49.99) – December 14th
Scraper: First Strike – ($TBD) December 18th (Read Our PC VR Review)
Kingdom Hearts VR ($TBD) – December 2018
Persona 3 and Persona 5 Dancing – ($59.99/ea or $99.99 bundle) – VR “viewer” mode only
Dreams Open Beta (Free) – December 2018 (Read Our Coverage)

As a point of emphasis: reach out to david@uploadvr.com or tips@uploadvr.com to let us know about your upcoming VR game releases!

Editor’s Note: This list will be continuously updated.

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