‘The Under Presents’ Is A Theatrical Oculus Quest Project From Tender Claws

The Los Angeles-based creators of Virtual Virtual Reality and AR software Tendar just announced an Oculus Quest project.

From Tender Claws, “The Under Presents” is a theatrically-centered VR project funded by Oculus Studios featuring a “vaudeville stage that exists in a special dimension outside time and space.” A sneak peek of the project is being shown at the Sundance Film Festival.

According to a blog post announcing the project, this virtual theater will feature a loop of “different live and recorded acts coming and going” and it was produced in collaboration with NYC-based theater group Piehole. “And the experience is designed to take advantage of the untethered Oculus Quest, allowing the actors to join the experience in Oculus Quest too and conduct performances from different physical locations,” according to the post.

Tender Claws co-founder Samantha Gorman says the narrative surrounds “fate and free will and as part of that we’re interested in playing with the change of feeling of interacting with both pre-recorded and live characters. As well as other players and past recorded versions of themselves.” Fate and free will certainly sound like normal questions for Tender Claws to grapple with, but both live and pre-recorded characters makes it sound like the developers are taking their exploratory work in VR and AR game design to the next level.

We don’t know when The Under Presents will launch just yet. The $400 Oculus Quest headset is due to launch in the coming months, but this project’s release is just listed as later this year.

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