The Holodeck Lounge Opens In Stamford

The Holodeck opens a VR/AR and Xbox Gaming Lounge in Stamford, Connecticut, U.S. The Stamford-based Holodeck is a creative center, which offers the latest Mixed Reality games and technologies to the public. This Holodeck lounge will not only feature Hololens products of Microsoft, but it will also offer HTC Vive and Xbox games.

As the founder of the Holodeck Lounge Todd Fuchs has noticed in a statement, their program is not only concentrated in VR and PC-gaming, their focus is on technologies which supply VR experiences in a real atmosphere, where players are not secluded in their worlds. He has also added that the nature of arcades is location-based gaming along with Mixed Reality, not only VR.

Apart from the general public, game developers also have a lucky chance to try out MR/VR and Xbox games. They will also be enabled to use the Holodeck technology to develop or check out their projects on real hardware equipment, that they can not do anywhere else.

According to the speech of Fuchs, they have done everything to create a high-quality environment in the Lounge. He has mentioned, that there will not be any vacant chairs in the Holodeck center, unhealthy food or unclean floor. They will make every guest feel like in a VIP.

The Holodeck Lounge will open its doors to everyone in 1st of July 2017 at the Center of Stamford, near to the GameStop Mall.

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