The Biggest Rift, Vive and Windows VR Releases Of The Week 09/23/18

Oculus Connect might have stolen the headlines this week but there’s still a pretty healthy selection of new releases for PC VR headsets.

Creed: Rise to Glory, from Survios
Price: $29.99 (Rift, Vive)

The latest game from Sprint Vector developer Survios is a tie-in to the upcoming Creed sequel. Slipping into the gloves of Adonis Creed, you step into the ring to take on opponents in a story that bridges the gap between the films, training with none other than Rocky Balboa himself in your downtime. Creed is the best all-round VR boxing game yet, though it’s the multiplayer support that really makes it.

Vox Machinae, from Space Bullet
Price: $24.99 (Rift, Vive, Windows VR)

One of VR’s most promising mech combat games is finally available via Early Access. Vox Machinae has you taking part in multiplayer or single-player battles with a fully interactive cockpit that you operate with motion controllers. Its explosive battles are some of the most fun you can have in VR, so make sure not to miss out.

Hotel Transylvania Popstic, from Specular Theory
Price: $19.00 (Rift, Vive)

This is the Hotel Transylvania-themed Beat Saber clone you’ve been waiting for. Wait, what? You haven’t been waiting for that? Well you’re getting it anyway. Designed to work with the titular Popstic peripheral, you attend a horrific disco, slicing up notes as they arrive on a beat and dodging incoming lasers. It’s mainly designed for arcades but if you’re so inclined this could be entertaining.

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