The American Dream VR Satire Game

Samurai Punk, which is a company that produces games, represents its American Dream VR game. The game takes players to 1950s where the user finds out ways how to survive and live their lives with guns.

The guns take a major role in American Dream VR. During a gameplay, guns are utilized in everyday life, such as when eating or preparing a meal, when driving a car or having a rest and during the other activities. With American Dream VR players will learn the ways how guns take care of people’s everyday demands.

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The bullets that are shot by a player land exactly the place where it has been shoot. This funny game allows to play in role of a newborn baby and for getting their mother’s attention they shoot the door. The American Dream VR game provides full colorful graphics and completely funny scenarios which transforms player into a satirical world.

The game represents America’s gun culture to the world from the foreigner’s point of view as Samurai Punk, the creators of American VR Dream, is a Melbourne based company.

Nicholas McDonnell, who works as an artist, director at Samurai Punk, reported to Polygon, that his purpose is not to teach players how to shoot better but to play the game only ones and then never eager to play American Dream again. In order to figure out how they will achieve this results people should play the whole game.

American Dream VR will be available to play with PSVR, Oculus Rift and Vive helmet. The price of the game and the game itself will be available in near 2017.

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