Sony Reveals PS5, Including New HD Camera And Discless Digital Edition

Sony revealed its next generation PlayStation 5 console today, which features a new white design, a white DualSense controller, media remote and a new HD camera. While there was no specific PSVR news, the HD camera reinforces previous suggestions that PS5 should support current, and possibly future, PlayStation VR hardware.

After a lot of hype and much anticipation, we finally got our first proper look at the PS5 today, in all its slick white glory. The reveal livestream, which lasted just over an hour, featured looks at a number of games and culminated in the reveal of the console’s design.

While we already knew the specifications of the PS5, this event finally unveiled the shiny white design, a stark difference to the angular black look of the base PS4 model. The PS5 has a curved white shell that wraps around the black core, pictured below.

Notably, there are two versions of the console — the standard PS5 and a ‘Digital Edition’ PS5 that is visibly missing a disc drive. This Digital Edition console will presumably only run games that are downloaded digitally onto the system from the PlayStation store, lacking the capability to run and install physical games from a disc.

Also notable is the inclusion of a new ‘HD Camera’. The camera available for the PS4 is a requirement for PSVR, as it is used to track the headset, DS4 controller or Move controllers while in VR. The availability of a new camera for the PS5 suggests compatibility with current PSVR hardware, which we expected, and may even play a role in the next generation of PSVR hardware, which has yet to be announced. It’s unclear whether the new HD Camera is a requirement for running current generation PSVR hardware on the PS5, or whether the existing PS4 camera will be compatible with the PS5 as well.

Although the camera was presented alongside the PS5, we’re unsure if it will be bundled with all models of the console itself. An audio headset and a media remote were also pictured.

The PS5 will launch Holiday 2020, and we expect it to support current generation PSVR hardware.

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