Social VR App Play Bunker To Be Revealed At The Upload VR Showcase

We love showing off all kinds of new experiences at our VR Showcases, and we think social VR app Play Bunker will fit that bill quite nicely.

Set to be fully revealed at our show on June 8th, Play Bunker is the latest experience from indie studio RGB Schemes. But that’s about all we can say for now; we’ll leave you to pick apart exactly what that title could mean!

I’ll add, though, that Play Bunker is one of several titles that expands our vision of what experiences we can highlight in this year’s Summer Showcase. Yes, the overwhelming majority of titles will be all about play, but as social and narrative-driven VR experiences continue to blur the lines of interactive entertainment, we’ll have other exciting types of apps to talk about too. This is one big celebration of creativity inside VR, and we can’t wait to welcome some new experiences into the fold!

But what actually is a VR Showcase, you ask? Simply put, it’s our livestream highlighting upcoming VR experiences on the way. We’ll announce new games and reveal the latest information behind your most anticipated titles. It’s going to be most awesome.

Play Bunker is the third title confirmed for this year’s Showcase. On Monday, we confirmed that Fast Travel Games will be announcing its new title at this year’s event, and last Tuesday saw anticipated sci-fi adventure, Low-Fi, join the roster. What else awaits? We’ll have plenty more teasers leading up to the show on June 8th, 2020. You won’t want to miss it!

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