Review: The Official $40 Oculus Quest Travel Case Is A Bit Of A Mixed Bag

I’ve got a lot of VR devices in my home. Between the top hutch of my desk in my office, three TV setups across different rooms, multiple shelves, and actual carrying cases, there are well over a dozen VR headsets around my house. Not many of them are portable, but that’s starting to change with new releases.

Last year when the Oculus Go released, it changed the way I used VR. Instead of restricting it to something I did almost exclusively at home on my PC and PS4, it became something I could stick in a bag and bring with me — albeit in a very limited way. Now with the Oculus Quest, the possibilities are dramatically expanded.

Not only is it untethered like the Go, but it’s got full 6DOF tracking and two Touch controllers with a really promising library of some of the best VR games to date. But not everyone wants to stick $400 worth of fragile electronics, sensitive lenses, and expensive hardware in a bag to jostle around with everything else. Thankfully, that’s where the dedicated (and official) Oculus Quest Travel Case comes in.

I have an off-brand Oculus Go case that works great, but when you compare the build quality of that to the build quality of this official Quest case (or even the official Go case that we reviewed) you can see the difference.

It’s designed to give you just enough room to fit both Touch controllers, the headset, and your charging cord (plus lens wipe) all without making any sacrifices. The great thing is that it’s very snug and shouldn’t move around at all, but the bad thing is that means no extra room for other things.

So if you wanted to bring along a battery pack for extended use, extra face covers once those are available, a longer charging cord, or anything else at all then you’re out of luck to fit any of that in the same case. The spot under the Touch controllers (shown below) opens up, but you can’t really fit more than the charging cord and a lens cloth in there. It’s pretty tight.

The interior padding is very nice and the exterior shell is extremely sturdy, which is great, but I did take issue with the zipper. I’ve had the case for about two weeks and have moved the Quest in and out of it at least once a day so far and the zipper has already gotten stuck more than once. At one point the two zipper tracks came apart while it was closed and it seemed at risk of breaking just trying to open it. Luckily it didn’t break, but that was an annoying thing to deal with.


I haven’t tried any other cases by virtue of the fact that the Quest isn’t available yet so it’s hard to compare this against other options — and it’s not without its issues. However, if you anticipate traveling often with your Quest or at least want a safe, secure way to store it when it’s turned off, the official Oculus Quest Travel Case is a good pick.

You can buy the Oculus Quest Travel Case on the official Oculus site or on Amazon for $40.

For more on the Oculus Quest check out our full, detailed headset review here, list of all day one confirmed games here, as well as our tech breakdown here. And if you have an Oculus Rift already, here are the confirmed cross-buy games.

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