PSVR MOBA Dark Eclipse Gets Three New Heroes And Winter Skins

Dark Eclipse, the free-to-play VR MOBA exclusive to PSVR, just got a slew of updates to ring in the holiday season. The massive 2.02 patch not only introduces three brand new heroes to choose from, but it brings along four festive winter-themed skins, additional tutorials, as well as new login bonuses.

The three new heroes in Dark Eclipse are Owen, Sosei, and Jysook. You can see them in their featured images down below, just click each image to expand it:

Owen is a powerful hero that channel his strength. He needs to charge up before engaging the enemy, but once charged, his power is “unprecedented” according to the patch notes. Then there’s Sosei, a support Dominator hero that can sustain lengthy combat encounters and revive fallen Leaders or heal soldiers to swing the flow of battle. Finally, Jysook is an assassin Dominator hero that can lay bombs as traps on the ground or self-destruct to ensure crucial kills.

Veronika, Wuntasto, and Jysook are all getting winter skins in this update as well, which you can see preview versions of up in the featured image at the top of this post.

To get a better idea of what Dark Eclipse looks like in action as a VR MOBA, check out our gameplay below:

In our review of Dark Eclipse, we scored it a 6/10 concluding: “For those who want to try another genre, or mashup to be more specific, and think they might like a slower game where players take their time to implement a strategy, then Dark Eclipse is worth a look.”

Let us know what you think of the game and this update down in the comments below!

Featured image and character images provided by Sunsoft.

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