Oculus Quest Comes Bundled With Vader Immortal Through January

Facebook is offering a promotion through the end of January bundling together the Vader Immortal Star Wars “VR Series” with the purchase of the $400 Oculus Quest all-in-one VR headset.

Vader Immortal is the impressive project from ILMxLab released in three episodes that brings you face to face with Darth Vader. The first episode launched in May, the second during Facebook’s Oculus Connect 6 VR developer’s conference in September and the third episode arrives later this week.

The promotion was revealed in one of Facebook’s new “Defy Reality” video ads for the standalone VR system. While the video has since been taken down, here’s the relevant screenshot explaining the deal:

For those unfamiliar, Quest includes the battery, processors and camera all in the headset itself for a completely wireless experience, though the company did launch an alternative PC-powered wired mode today called Oculus Link that dramatically expands the headset’s features.

According to the promotion’s terms, Oculus Quest must be activated within 30 days of purchase to redeem the offer.

The VR Series begins with a narrative that brings you face-to-face with Vader in his castle on the fiery planet of Mustafar, and episode three promises to feature a duel against the sith lord himself. Players wield a lightsaber, of course, but also access some force powers that makes for a truly thrilling combination.

Oculus Quest is in a category by itself for 2019 and this bundle, along with Facebook’s aggressive advertising campaign and the Oculus Link beta, may convince a lot of buyers to take a chance on Facebook VR this holiday season.

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