Oculus Android App Passes 1 Million Downloads

The Oculus app for Android just surpassed 1 million total downloads on the Google Play Store. Apple’s App Store does not report download numbers.

The Oculus app is required to set up the Oculus Go, and can be used to install apps on it as well as manage settings. Back in November, Facebook expanded the app to allow installing Rift games remotely.

This app doesn’t include the Samsung Gear VR however- that’s a separate (but similar) app distributed through Samsung’s app platform rather than Google’s.

Before the addition of Rift support the app could be used to estimate Oculus Go sales. Assuming that roughly half of Oculus Go users use Android (rather than iOS) then doubling the download count could give a rough estimate of Go sales.

That’s obviously a less reliable estimate now, but should still be a basic indication of the Oculus platform’s popularity.

At Oculus Connect 5, CTO John Carmack revealed he was “the most optimistic” about the Go headset- yet sales had exceeded even his expectations. Surpassing 1 million app downloads could indicate that that momentum isn’t slowing. Perhaps once the headset surpasses 1 million sales (if it hasn’t already) we’ll get an official announcement from Facebook.

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