Now You Can Feel Cold, Heat And Pain In VR

The firm TEGway, which is focused on flexible thermoelectric systems’ development, is pleased to introduce the first mega thin and pliable thermoelectric device (TED) in the world. The firm’s TEDs can be fixed into VR devices, empowers users to experience not only visual effects or sounds, but also to feel coldness, heat or painful sensations in their hands when holding controllers.

With this facility, dubbed as ThermoReal, the firm has also created a unique VR controller, that produces electricity due to the difference in temperatures. It’s a semi-conductor device itself, which heats or cools when it is connected to the electricity. Through this new tech, TEGway aims to make VR games more real.

With their VR eyewears on and the controller ThermoReal in their hands, users can experience pain, coldness or heat depending on the electric current. If they come into contact with something blazing, they will feel real heat.

Similarly, when they hold something cold, the device will produce instant coldness. Meanwhile, when generating cold and heat simultaneously, it makes experience a sensation of pain.

In addition, TEGway is a Korea-based developer of Seebeck systems. The firm has created a large number of conspicuous applications based on TED technologies, hardware/software design, etc.

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