Nintendo Switch will have VR features

On 16th of December the Japanese software company Nintendo, which ranks among the world’s best video game firms, has announced about its launching of the Switch tech widget, which will be supported with VR quality. The NX will be equipped with VR touchscreen, VR style eyewears and unique designed controllers.

The firm made know that the much-anticipated computer device is already applicable on the Internet. According to the words of the firm’s chief executive Tatsumi Kimishima, the NX is mechanized with Nvidia Tegra, which will allow the device to run with VR features.

The Switch will use a helmet-mounted display in console or portable ways. In the latter mode the display will be shown like a VR platform. The substantial particularity is the most expected touchscreen, which can be put into a groove in front a pair of glasses similar to the Daydream view and Gear VR.

The game designer of the firm Shigeru Miyamoto, when giving interview to the Verge, has mentioned that the technology of VR in this device is exactly what he focused on.