Meet Xiaomi’s New VR Headset Mi VR Play2

Xiaomi, one of the largest electronics producers in the world, has disclosed the next generation of its Mi VR Play, featuring Mi VR Play 2 eyewear. The Xiaomi’s new VR helmet differs from its prototype by its compactness and unique design.

Compared with Mi VR Play, the latest one is more convenient to wear on. It has been created with an upgraded material, so users will be able to wear it for a long time without any discomfort. It is supported with a flexible nylon headband. In comparison with its prototype it is not so heavy.

The Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2, like its predecessor, is a simple pair of VR glasses, styled like a Google’s Cardboard. It is made out of a cozy Lycra material, and still needs a smartphone to be operated. As the company asserts, the new VR headset is compatible with phones, which sizes range between 4.7 inch – 5.7 inch.

The inside of the device is designed a pair of glasses covered with an elastic cotton. Wearing the helmet on, users will have a 93 degree area of vision. The back of the facility is made out of a pervious material.

Mi VR Play 2 photo

The Mi VR Play2 is priced at 99 Yuan which equals to $14 US. It will be obtainable from 19 of April in China and there is no information if the device is going to launch outside of China.

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