Meet This Measuring App Via Apple IOS 11

Laan Labs, the group of developers based in Berlin, that is concentrated on the development of visual and audio apps, is pleased to introduce its new AR measuring app for smartphones. This new AR tool enables people to measure various objects’ length in reality. With its new app, Laan Labs aims to keep people away from ruler searching processes.

When using the app, people can measure anything they want, be it a clothing, room, furniture, or something else. In order to run the app, users need to do the following steps: keep their phone’s camera on the subject which they are going to measure, then press on the screen when starting and finishing the measurement process. The desired length will be marked with a yellow line.

The AR group has developed this app through the Apple’s ARKit platform, which Apple has created for AR developers and will introduce through its iOS 11. ARKit gives users a lucky chance to generate AR projects for iPhones or iPads.

As it is announced on the application’s official website, the app will come with the release of iOS 11, in September 2017, when the iPhone 8 will be launched. In addition, all new iPhone users have a freedom to use ARKit and create AR tools.

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