Latest Gunheart Update Adds Weapon Progression And Price Drop

Gunheart by Drifter Entertainment is still in Early Access as a big, dynamic, cooperative first-person shooter, but ever since its debut last year it’s gotten large, consistent updates.

For this latest “Winter Update” that just recently dropped, there’s a bevy of new features and a price drop from $34.99 to just $29.99.

Kicking things off you can now unlock new abilities for your weapons via a progression mechanic, which adds some much-needed depth to the gameplay loop. It adds real incentive and a sense of growth to the game throughout missions.

Additionally, all weapons now get a default signature mod and there’s a challenge system that will award extra loot if you complete specific objectives across missions. There’s even been an animation overhaul for how enemies react to hits an animate when dying.

Finally, there’s also been a litany of optimization measures for how weapons combo, CPU performance, and loot drops.

Currently there’s no definitive full launch window, but Gunheart is expected to exit Early Access this year along with a PSVR release this summer. You can currently find it on Steam for Rift and Vive as well as on the Oculus Home Store.

If you’re playing Gunheart, let us know what you think in the comments down below!

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