In The Guinness Book Has Been Set A New VR Record

The Guinness World Records hes defined a new VR record. An australian player Johannes Loeffelmann has played a video-game in VR and it has been the longest one. The record nominee has become the first gamer in history to play a Virtual Reality game for 28 hours 43min 24sec.

The event has been implemented as a marketing strategy which was carried out by “Saturn” electronics dealer. The record took place in the capital of Austria, Vienna and has been ratified officially by the Guinness book arbitrator.

The 31 years old Austrian has played a game called job simulator: the 2050 archives. He has been supplied with playstation VR eyewears and playstation 4 pro to check out the game.

In his speech Johannes Loeffelmann has mentioned that he has felt satisfied bringing to Australia the world’s record. After event the Guinness has announced that its international leaderships have been carried out.

Before this one the last record of the longest VR game has been defined on 27th of January in London by George Barrat. He has played for 25 hours and 24 min. The record marathon had happened in Stratford’s Westfield mall.

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