Hitman 3 Targets January 20 Release, Pre-Orders Available Now

Pre-orders for Hitman 3, the final installment in the World of Assasination trilogy, are now available. Hitman 3 is set to launch on January 20, 2021.

Hitman 3 is IOI Interactive’s final game in the revamped Hitman series, and this one will launch on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC (via the Epic Games Store). As previously announced, Hitman 3 will support PSVR, bringing Agent 47 into virtual reality for the first time.

We’ve also confirmed that, even though it’s launching after the PS5, it will still also support PSVR on PS4. Additionally, we know that the PS5 will eventually support current generation PSVR hardware, but it’s not clear when or which VR games.

There’s also a free next-generation upgrade scheme in place for Hitman 3. While the PlayStation 5 will have launched by January, if you haven’t upgraded consoles yet by then, don’t worry. You can still buy a digital copy of Hitman 3 on PS4 and  you’ll receive access to the PS5 version of the game for free if/when you choose to jump to the next generation.

There’s two versions of the game available for pre-order — the regular and the deluxe edition. The latter includes a few extra cosmetic suits and items, pictured above, plus a digital art book and soundtrack, director commentary mission introductions, and “deluxe escalation missions”. In previous Hitman games, the escalation missions are reworked levels that use existing maps with different, harder, or more varied objectives compared to the original campaign.

In Hitman 2, the Gold and Silver editions gave you access to post-launch campaign content — the bank level, set in New York, and the Haven Island level, set in the Maldives. Given there’s no mention of post-launch campaign content for Hitman’s 3 deluxe edition, it might be that all the campaign content is scheduled to release at launch on January 21, with no campaign levels releasing as paid DLC post-launch this time. We don’t know that for sure though.

Pre-ordering either edition of the game also gives you access to the Trinity Pack — 3 sets of cosmetics that each include white, red, and black versions of Agent 47’s suit, gun and briefcase.

So far, we know that Hitman 3 will feature a level in Dubai and a level in Dartmoor, England. I’m personally still holding out for an airport-themed level — fingers crossed.

If you want to check out the existing series before jumping into Hitman 3 in PSVR, the first game in the rebooted franchise is available for free on the Epic Games Store this month for PC. Alternatively, the levels from the Hitman and Hitman 2 campaign will be playable on PSVR, so you can hold off and play the entire thing in VR come January if you’d prefer — just don’t hold out for PC VR support anytime soon.

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