Google Released Its Prototype For VR Ads On Smartphones

Google published its innovative VR advertisement formats at Area 120 on 28th of June, 2017. Area 120 is Google’s startup, which was created back in 2016, tries to gather gifted people to experiment new concepts and ideas which may become Google’s product in the future.

Google reported that many developers told them that they are seeking funds for VR applications they built and now Google gives them a great chance to find funding. Through this project they are testing mobile based VR ad app at Area 120. They also represented the first prototype how the first mobile based VR ad looks like.

They showed a cube in a VR application and by tapping on it an ad was enabled. The research team of Area 120 told that their aim is to create such VR advertisement which will be simple for developers to operate on it and it won’t distract the users as well. By pointing eyes on the cube VR ad will start playing and then it will be closed easily.

Area 120 team is concentrating on building ad formats which are flexible to modify and it won’t distract users as well. They have done some test with other companies and they eager to cooperate with many developers and content creators working on Google’s two helmets and Samsung’s Gear VR platforms.

All interested developers may register for SDK in order to get access to VR ad formats.

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