Google has shipped more than 10M Cardboard VR

When taking participation in MWC 2017, Google has noticed that the number of Cardboard VR shipment exceeds 10 million. After the device release in 2014, the number of shipment was 5 million, as Google reported a year ago. And now the number has doubled.

Google has also made know about other interesting facts, such as the number of apps download that supplies Google Cardboard. The applications of Cardboard have been downloaded nearly 160 mln times. Each of the 30 titles has almost 1 million downloads. This shows the increase of affection with VR.

Referring to Google’s next platform, Daydream VR, and comparing it with Cardboard, the first one is front-rank. But reportedly Daydream is more being used due to its app on YouTube.

Along with this announcements, Google has also made a proclamation about several new VR/AR apps. As for Daydream, the company Sky has developed a 360 degree video app. Additional three new apps have been developed for Tango AR as well: Sims, that will take users to the family of Sims, WSJ AR, that imagines AR stock tendencies, and VR app Chelsea Kicker, that enables to play soccer in virtual atmosphere.

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